Ask Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant

Voice assistants are coming to the hospital bedside. Voice assistants — made popular by Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home and others — are simple, intuitive, multi-user and best suited where accessibility and availability are essential. Leveraging these advantages, at DXC Labs we have built Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant. Meet Ally The current […]

Cyberattacks shut down more hospitals


As enterprises infected with PetrWrap malware last week are still recovering, the impact of the malware hit some industries harder, and the only victims certainly weren’t virtual or data. This shows just how vulnerable the most vulnerable can be under such attacks. The attack resulted in hospital computers knocked offline, with some hospitals going fully […]

Los hospitales apuestan por la movilidad, pero no sin reservas

Pocos sectores en EE.UU. están sufriendo tanta agitación como el sanitario, que debe afrontar un aumento progresivo del porcentaje de factura que debe abonar el consumidor directamente, en un fenómeno que ha empezado a  redefinir la relación entre paciente y proveedor. Afortunadamente, la tecnología viene a ayudar a los profesionales médicos y al personal sanitario […]

Blockchain in Healthcare: SWOT Analysis

Following on from one of my previous blog post entries, I would like to take this time to once again write about the potential of Blockchain in Healthcare. I have crafted the SWOT analysis below to evaluate the current state of Blockchain in Healthcare, its potential and what we can expect going forward. Please click […]