How learning helps organizations build an agile workforce


While forward-thinking companies are rapidly investing in their technology resources, they’re doing the same for their human resources. That’s because these organizations know that the workforce of the future isn’t made up solely of robots. Instead, the workforce of the future is an “augmented” one, where humans and AI work together to drive greater efficiency, […]

Predictive evaluations: Using AI to reward (or punish) employees for future performance


Human resources professionals are (or soon will be) using artificial intelligence (AI) to recruit and interview job candidates, to measure an employee’s value, and to conduct performance assessments. The next step — which some companies are already taking — is to use AI to assess not past, but expected future performance. From Bloomberg‘s Rebecca Greenfield: Using […]

Is your HR organization ready for digital transformation?


It’s not just work itself that’s changing. HR is, as well. Once considered an important but strictly back office function, today HR is expected to provide leadership, deliver insight, and execute strategy. It’s all part of corporate digital transformation efforts worldwide, where automation and AI are changing how every organization, department, and employee manage work. […]

How AI can overcome human bias in hiring decisions


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being used by enterprise human resources (HR) professionals to streamline the hiring process (as I wrote back in April). Not only can AI-powered virtual assistants “converse” with job applicants, they can schedule interviews for candidates who appear promising. While reducing time-to-hire can help organizations fill staffing needs more quickly […]

Workday dashboards offer instant, current insights


Humans are creatures of habit, and this is especially true when it comes to the way we use software and perform routine tasks. Once we become familiar with a certain way of getting something done, it’s hard to let go. Consider that well-used and loved (sometimes hated) spreadsheet you keep on your desktop. Even though […]

AI in HR: Will your next job interview be with a chat bot?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by enterprise human resource (HR) departments to handle frequent questions by employees, improve the on-boarding process of new hires, and automate repetitive HR tasks. The next logical step is for AI to help in the process of recruiting and screening job applicants. That step already is being taken by […]

Recruiting new hires with Artificial Intelligence

The task of reaching, screening and selecting the right talent to fill the right position in the workplace intensifies each day for businesses around the globe. A recent report from the Society for Human Resource Management, found that companies spent, on average, $4,129 to hire someone and the process took an average of 42 days. […]

Could artificial intelligence replace the annual performance review?

The ideal enterprise environment is one in which employees are treated fairly and respectfully, practices that typically pay dividends by inspiring productivity and company loyalty. But ideals are elusive in the real world, as employees tend to bring their human flaws and complications into the enterprise. One of the most damaging of these flaws is bias, the practice of […]

‘People science’ and other workplace trends to watch in 2017

A new year may have begun, but enterprises enter 2017 facing an old problem: A shallow talent pool. Glassdoor’s latest report on job trends reveals that, as of April 2016, there were 5.85 million unfilled jobs in the U.S., the most since 2000. Employers are under tremendous pressure to fill these slots, but the shortage […]

The unsung heroes of the digital workplace

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Over the years, I have interacted many times with Human Resources, People and Culture or whatever the new “in” term is for the extremely talented people who manage the work lives of employees and leaders every day. I’m talking about the ones who liaise and negotiate between managers and workers with grace and poise, able to understand the complexities […]