The music of multi-sourcing (Part 2): Achieving harmonious customer outcomes

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In part one of this blog series, I looked at some of the fundamental problems of managing multiple service providers. However, to keep up with customer demand and expectations, employing a number of third-party providers to deliver services to customers is inevitable. So the question becomes – how do we make it work? The promise […]

The music of multi-sourcing (part 1): Discordant service providers

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Today organisations are being challenged to deliver customer-centric and adaptive services to their internal and external customers that keep pace with changing customer expectations. To meet this challenge, a single customer service will rely on the flexible integration of several external specialist business and IT services, with internal services that focus on the organisation’s areas […]

The basics behind making your apps agile and user friendly

Upstart companies that have created business models based on software and the Internet are causing massive disruptions in traditional businesses and industries. Established businesses that were once dominant must compete in new ways and are racing to catch up. They must contend with very large IT installations that they built at great expense to get […]

6 steps to IDSM success

IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing IT services, a topic we’ve delved into in a recent blog post. Organizations need IDSM because today’s multisourced IT solutions have grown too complex and dynamic for yesterday’s traditional approaches to IT service management. Fortunately, getting started with IDSM does not need […]

IDSM: Simplifying today’s complicated IT mission

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IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing how IT services are delivered and managed in the enterprise. Organizations need IDSM now because multi-sourced IT solutions have simply grown too complex and dynamic for more traditional approaches to IT service management (ITSM) alone. [youtube Older approaches were designed for […]

IDSM: The management solution for today’s multisource IT

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In the modern workplace, IT no longer stands alone—or, at least, it shouldn’t. IT is now the hub through which all other business services get delivered. by Daniel Angelucci, CTO, Asia/Middle East/Africa, CSC, and JP Morgenthal, Global Solutions Executive, CSC That means the business needs to control the flow of data and services, both into […]

IDSM: Inside the IT hub

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Today’s multi-supplier solutions are complicated — too complicated for traditional IT service management approaches. A new method, known as Integrated Digital Service Management (IDSM), makes it easier. With IDSM’s help, IT departments can manage complex solutions, lower their costs and risks and deliver great value. The IDSM approach not only helps IT better manage its […]