Gérer les flux d’information : jusqu’où est-ce suffisant ?


Contrôler le flux d’information pour ses projets et ses différents programmes est la principale compétence d’un manager de programme. Trop d’information, et les tâches peuvent échapper à tout contrôle, les réunions tomber en cascade et les délais s’allonger. Trop peu d’information, et les membres de l’équipe peuvent commencer à se sentir isolés, les décisions doivent […]

Information overload in a virtually augmented world

information overload CSC Blogs

#BrainOverload #InformationOverload #DigitalDisruption #DigitalMind #DigitalRehab Are these hashtags good or bad? It depends on which storyline you choose. At CSC TechCom earlier this year, I tweeted a few times about #InformationOverload. Why? Because I was learning new things from 6 a.m. until midnight whilst dealing with jetlag, homesickness and manflu (Yes, women get manflu too). All […]

Keeping up in an ever-extending vendor universe

Data analytics return on investment CSC Blogs

As companies evolve and their exponentially expanding requirements need to be satisfied, third parties and vendors come more and more into play. The reasons for this are justified. As more companies become reliant on Information Technologies and Professional Services, they need to procure the best products, which requires, in some instances, deep knowledge of certain […]