Staff and IT leadership at odds over data security


It’s no secret that employees and contractors are one of the primary causes of enterprise security events. It’s not that most insiders who cause data breaches are malicious. They’re not. They may carelessly send a cleartext email that contains sensitive information, reuse the same password across applications, or lose an unencrypted notebook or portable storage […]

Small mistakes, big data breaches

Keyboard Data

We all make mistakes, especially simple mistakes, such as a typo here and there in email or grammatical oversights in a report. And who hasn’t called or texted a wrong number?  Just this morning I tried to submit a web form, and it was rejected because I didn’t format a field input properly. These types […]

Insider Threat Surfaces Again

$65 billion private investment firm TPG Global LLC believes it’s been hit with threats from its former insider and spokesman. From Bloomberg: (Bloomberg) — TPG Global LLC sued the former White House press aide it hired as a spokesman, alleging he threatened to “take down” the company after learning he wouldn’t be promoted and stole […]