Integrating new technologies into holistic insurance solutions

Advances in technology have meant applications are more open and can talk more easily to one another. This gives CIOs the ability to pick and choose the applications that make the most sense for their organization, and to integrate them into an end-to-end landscape. The approach eliminates the one-size-fits-all mentality of the past and makes […]

What do ‘digital leaders’ do differently to inspire success?

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Digital transformation is still in its early days in Europe. Many clients in various industries are looking to digitalize their existing business or to enter new business models. Great examples for how fast this topic is progressing can be found in the automotive industry or within manufacturing striving for Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry […]

Vertical versus horizontal thinking for enterprise IT

In the past, vertical thinking dominated a lot of decision-making about IT infrastructure. Terms such as “end-user,” “middleware” and “technology stack” all imply sets of vertical connections. These processes could stretch from the depths of data storage to the heights of an “operations bridge,” where all knowledge steers to a particular company with foresight and purpose on […]

Why cocktail-napkin deals inspire agility

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Breaking up may be hard to do, but for global enterprises, honeymoons may be even more challenging. In a new study from PwC entitled Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances: Examining the keys to success, almost 60% of CEOs reported that they were planning to enter into a new strategic alliance or joint venture (JV) in 2016. […]

Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon RDS

CSC Agility Platform AWS integration

The CSC Agility Platform team released an update to the Agility Platform’s integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). The Agility Platform has supported using Amazon Web Services to provision and deploy instances for several years. Due to the popularity of AWS, we are working toward providing a deeper integration with their offerings. As […]

Fixing cloud integration

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Today, most companies are still overwhelmingly on-premise. However, enterprises are turning more and more to the cloud in an effort to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT architectures. Many hope to offload non-value adding processes and applications to the cloud, whilst others are looking to migrate fully to the cloud as part of their digital […]

Integrated architecture essential to analytics

Having big data is one thing. It’s quite another thing to be able to access, move, combine and manipulate data to extract business value. But legacy IT infrastructures can make it difficult for enterprises to free data from siloes, never mind extract value from it. That’s why the effectiveness of a data analytics program depends […]

Real or sci-fi: Robotic software automation

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Is it possible to automate new business processes without IT integration? How old are you? Remember “screen scraping”? You plugged a lead into a computer terminal’s auxiliary port in order to intercept the characters displayed. This information could then be fed to another program. Screen scraping was a crude way to integrate two systems and so […]