A millennial’s guide to social media marketing 101

Remember a time when you could only interact with a company through the mail or over your landline? Nowadays all sorts of business-to-consumer and business-to-business (B2B/B2C for those in the biz) communication is done on-the-go, from your laptop to your phone to your TV. With just a few taps, you can connect to information of […]

5 lessons from a past intern’s path to success

Orientation serves as a period of acclimation for new hires and interns, a time to get accustomed to the work space, culture and tools. A good orientation session will also provide guidance, lessons and direction for young, raw professionals. My orientation at CSC did just that. For two days, new hires and interns at the […]

Finding your niche as an intern or new hire

Congratulations! You’ve landed a great internship or the perfect first job. You’re ready to make the most out of it by doing that networking thing you’ve been hearing is so important. There’s a refreshing smell of flowers and rush-hour traffic in the air as you greet peers at a networking event. You feel confident, excited, […]

On the origin and evolution of the intern

Rumor has it, almost 100 years ago interns first originated from a rare species of aspiring young professionals. Not much has changed. The business world has seen dramatic transformations, but the intern’s role in the corporate ecosystem remains the same: doing grunt work, fetching coffee. The species seems to have a slow evolution rate. Nevertheless! Interns persist […]

How interns can start networking

When you’re young, you’re told by your parents, friends and strangers never to talk to strangers. Once you get into the business world however, that sentiment changes. Networking – like Outlook and coffee breaks – is a mandatory part of doing business today. It’s the best way to connect with others and develop relationships, both […]

When first-day jitters affect first impressions

After a restless night and just a few hours of sleep, the young aspiring intern awakens, rises to his feet and springs into motion to prepare for his first day on the job. He grabs his toothbrush and hops into the shower (demonstrating his strong multitasking ability!). After quickly drying himself he slips into his […]

The Biggest Transitions From College to Corporate

Loren Treague Transitions from College to Corporate

When we were younger, summers were filled with late nights, sleeping until the clock said PM, and having all your best friends readily available to spend the day by the pool with you. Then college starts and your future becomes a very close reality. You have to do what you can to prepare, which is […]

5 Tips for Finding and Keeping a Mentor During Your Internship

Internship Mentor

By Celeste Borras | LinkedIn Mentors can open seemingly impossible doors, propel careers, and become long-lasting friends. Having a mentor is incredibly helpful to an intern, but it is also a key to faster learning and stronger relationship building no matter where you are in the corporate food chain. Here are some tips on searching […]