Want a business edge? Share IoT data with your employees


Enterprises will continue to invest heavily in Internet of Things (IoT) technology in 2019 and beyond to take advantage of the cost and process efficiencies provided by machine-to-machine communications and automation. A recent survey by Zebra Technologies shows that enterprises increased IoT investments by 4% in 2018, averaging $4.6 million annually. Nearly nine in 10 […]

2019 IT trend: Enterprises will adopt next-generation platforms to make the most of IoT data

As enterprises transition their physical world to a digital one, smart things become a driving force. Enterprises will implement next-generation platforms in 2019 that analyze large quantities of industry-specific data from the internet of things (IoT). Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are finding novel correlations between data previously thought to be independent, enabling […]

Proteger a la empresa de dispositivos IoT de consumo

Los líderes de TI empresariales enfrentan muchos desafíos al tratar de implementar la tecnología del Internet de las cosas (IoT) en sus redes. Pero son desafíos que no se pueden ignorar o postergar, puesto que se espera que los dispositivos IoT en todo el mundo se tripliquen a 75.4 mil millones en 2025 de 23.1 […]

Protezione dell’azienda dai dispositivi IoT di consumo


I leader IT aziendali devono affrontare molte sfide nel tentativo di implementare la tecnologia Internet of Things (IoT) nelle loro reti. Ma sono sfide che non si possono evitare o posticipare, giacché i dispositivi IoT in tutto il mondo dovrebbero triplicare a 75,4 miliardi nel 2025 da 23,1 nel 2018. Oltre a integrare e gestire […]

Protecting the enterprise from consumer-grade IoT devices


Enterprise IT leaders face many challenges trying to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology into their networks. But they are challenges that cannot be averted or deferred, for the number of installed IoT devices worldwide is expected to more than triple to 75.4 billion in 2025 from 23.1 in 2018. In addition to integrating and managing […]

La W de wearable

Ya sea un reloj inteligente o una pulsera fitness, nuestras muñecas llevan hoy en día muchos de los wearables más populares, y este campo está en constante expansión, con nuevas formas de conectar sensores y datos a nuestra vida diaria. En general, la “ropa inteligente” comprende casi cualquier artículo que podamos llevar puesto y que […]

Start your IoT journey by choosing the right paths


As with any emerging technology, fully leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) requires a strategy that reflects the enterprise’s business goals and a realistic plan of action. Otherwise, you’re just buying stuff, as if that alone is a solution. Alas, it is not. Done right, IoT can be transformational for an enterprise. Or as Benson Chan, […]

So many IoT vendors, so little time

Alarm Clock

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise IT decision makers when it comes to adopting new technologies is making sense of the market as well as their organization’s needs. In the early days of mobile, enterprises had to figure out whether to support iPhones, Androids, or both. They also had to decide between BYOD and […]

La conectividad puede poner barreras a IoT

Casi todas las grandes empresas confían en que sus iniciativas actuales y futuras de Internet de Cosas (IoT, por sus siglas en inglés) den fruto, en los próximos años, como refleja una reciente encuesta de la firma Vanson Bourne. Los resultados de la consultora indican que el 97% de los encuestados “están logrando o esperan […]

La connectivité : un obstacle négligé de l’Internet des objets

Selon un récent sondage, presque toutes les grandes entreprises sont convaincues que leurs projets IoT, existants et planifiés, porteront leurs fruits. Le rapport de la société d’études de marché Vanson Bourne montre que 97% des répondants « connaissent, ou s’attendent à connaître, des bénéfices importants dus au déploiement des technologies IoT » au cours des prochaines années. […]