Is the U.S. driving in the internet slow lane?


How’s the internet speed where you’re working? There can be multiple answers, since people can work in an office, their own homes, or in a public space such as a coffee shop or hotel. But by far the most common response to that question is, “Not fast enough!” Sure, maybe it’s never fast enough for […]

The internet will always be there for you. Or not.


Digital transformation as we know it would be impossible without the internet. This global network of connected computers and devices enables us to access information, resources, and services, to transact business, to communicate and collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world, to entertain and educate ourselves, and more. Without the internet, everyone would […]

What will be the next tech inventions we can’t live without?


Google recently celebrated 20 years of existence. Now, two decades really isn’t a lot of time in the big picture. But the world’s most popular search engine — though it’s not the first internet search engine — now is such a part of our daily lives that its very name has been turned into a […]

Through the looking-glass: Quantum computing 101

In his book, Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos, Seth Lloyd wrote: “A classical computation is like a solo voice — one line of pure tones succeeding each other. A quantum computation is like a symphony — many lines of tones interfering with one another.” So, what is quantum computing? “Begin […]

5 cloud deployment blunders to avoid

I’ve been consulting on cloud migrations and deployments for a while now. Along the way, I’ve seen lots of mistakes made. Mea culpa: I’ve made some of them myself. Don’t be like me, or a lot of companies. Avoid these five blunders and you’ll be much better off. 1 Hurry up and fail. Do not, I […]

How the Industrial Webolution is changing daily life for all of us

Industrial Webolution on CSC Blogs

The Industrial Webolution – Part 3 – Daily Life In parts one and two of this series I have noted how the development of the industrial Web today bears some resemblance to the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this final part of the series I look at daily life, community and contact. […]

Certificate Housekeeping

Nearly every application software brings a number of certificates with it. If you ask long-term IT security experts, they typically estimate that between 30 to 3,000 certificates are installed on any given PC. In reality a standard Windows 8.1 system easily has 30,000 and more certificates. MacOS 10.6 contains 2,000 certificates. Even on a Linux […]

The Industrial Webolution, Part 2: Power and Economics

In part one of this series I looked at how the evolution of tools is providing the ecosystem for creativity. In this part I look at how today’s changes in power and economics are also amplified echoes of the past. By Glenn Augustus, Technologist, Global Infrastructure Services Power Power, Fuel, Energy. Your instant view on […]

The Industrial Webolution, Part 1: Tools

The Goal In this series of posts I am going to try to justify why I think we are entering a new age of technology. This is not about dreams, forecasts or predictions, it’s not about flying cars, telepathy or time travel, this is about what we can do today and how it shares striking […]