The keys to blockchain interoperability (and why it matters)

five blockchain keys

Without the ability of different computer systems, applications, and devices to access and share information, data would be digitally siloed and networking itself would be impossible. Any IT professional knows this – that it is interoperability that allows the internet, enterprise networks and the digital economy to function. So too will interoperability between disparate blockchains […]

FHIR puts actionable clinical decision support into hands of physicians

by Chris Royle FHIRworks Series: The barriers for sharing documentation and data in healthcare are breaking down, helped by standardization, digital technologies and collaboration. In this blog series Chris Royle, Interoperability Specialist for DXC Healthcare, will focus on the use of HL7 FHIR in the real-world, and how it can be used to drive further adoption and […]

Automation speeds up the process of getting critical lab findings to clinicians

By Pritam Potnis Diagnosing and treating babies and young children with serious illnesses places extraordinary pressure on clinicians, who want quick and accurate answers so they can take the next steps in the treatment protocol. Currently, when babies with critical conditions are in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), tests are carried out and sent […]