This year’s most in-demand tech jobs


Staffing agency Robert Half International has identified the 13 most hard-to-staff technology jobs for 2019, including average salary ranges for each position along with the skills and experience needed to be a successful candidate. While Robert Half’s report is designed as a resource for enterprises looking to hire people, it also serves as a useful […]

The secret to a long, lucrative IT career


Choosing a career path in IT is like trying to navigate a forest with a map that keeps changing. The skills you learned ten or even five years ago may no longer be as relevant today because new technologies are evolving constantly, gradually pushing older technologies (and skills) out of the enterprise. In a recent […]

Do enterprises have only themselves to blame for the ‘tech talent shortage’?


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves.” — Cassius, a nobleman and CIO, speaking to his friend and enterprise chief executive about the vexing tech talent shortage in ancient Rome (apologies to William Shakespeare) A few weeks ago I wrote about whether enterprises truly are struggling to find people with sufficient […]