At which speed should you drive your IT organization?

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As an IT organisation, you need to support your business and deliver perceived commodity services, including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems Applications that were developed 30 years ago on mainframes Workplace solutions (email, computer, Internet, network, etc.) Storage capacity As a perceived commodity, these services must be reliable, secure and always available. Moreover, the business […]

Who should be making your cloud decisions?

The advent of the cloud has brought new life to old IT battles. Who should be making the call? The techies? IT management? The CIO and top executives? Here are my thoughts. The guys and gals with their hands on the server keyboards are the ones most likely to know what’s what with the tech. […]

Keeping control of IT dollars in the days of the cloud

How do you save IT cash these days? The easy answer is: “Doh! The cloud.” The real answer, though, is a bit more complicated. IDC estimates that the global cloud infrastructure spending will jump up by 18.9% in 2016. To be more exact, IDC thinks the total server, storage and Ethernet cloud spend will reach $38.2 […]

IDSM: The management solution for today’s multisource IT

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In the modern workplace, IT no longer stands alone—or, at least, it shouldn’t. IT is now the hub through which all other business services get delivered. by Daniel Angelucci, CTO, Asia/Middle East/Africa, CSC, and JP Morgenthal, Global Solutions Executive, CSC That means the business needs to control the flow of data and services, both into […]

Digital insurance: From policy-centric to customer-centric

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Traditionally, insurers have competed on their ability to develop complex new products and sell them through a large network of agents and advisors. An inside-out focus on product innovation, transaction processing and operational efficiency has dominated the agenda. However, a critical shift in the marketplace has redefined an insurer’s path to success. Influenced by the […]

How to build a next-gen infrastructure for customer-focused finance

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Innovation is the life force of banking. Yet far too many banks find innovation unaffordable. To change, banks need to adopt a next-generation infrastructure that enables them to take the legacy IT architectures they’ve been building for decades and wring out savings of as much as 50 percent of their run costs. They can then […]

The importance of population health monitoring and stratification

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The heart of population health management is having a surveillance capability that recognizes patterns in patient data and care management characteristics and exposes impending high-risk clinical events, gaps in care coordination or non-compliance in patient situations. To manage population health effectively, an organization must be able to track and monitor the health of individual patients. […]

IDSM: Inside the IT hub

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Today’s multi-supplier solutions are complicated — too complicated for traditional IT service management approaches. A new method, known as Integrated Digital Service Management (IDSM), makes it easier. With IDSM’s help, IT departments can manage complex solutions, lower their costs and risks and deliver great value. The IDSM approach not only helps IT better manage its […]

Why banks now need customer-focused finance

Imagine a last-place football team that needs new talent, yet spends so much on uniforms, balls and other equipment, it can’t afford the salaries top players demand. That’s essentially the situation facing many banks today. These banks need innovation to keep pace. Yet they spend up to 80 percent of their IT budgets on day-to-day, “keep […]