3 ways to advance your IT career, and 3 ways to undermine it


This is a glass-half-empty, glass-half-full sort of blog post — featuring three suggestions for how you can get your IT career to the next level and three warning signs that your career is dead in the water. Let’s start with the good stuff, from CIO contributor Paul Heltzel, who compiled a list of 15 things […]

The secret to a long, lucrative IT career


Choosing a career path in IT is like trying to navigate a forest with a map that keeps changing. The skills you learned ten or even five years ago may no longer be as relevant today because new technologies are evolving constantly, gradually pushing older technologies (and skills) out of the enterprise. In a recent […]

The Dandelion Program: Integrating autism in the workplace

Being on the autism spectrum can make it hard to fit into the workplace. The labour force participation rate for people with autism is 42%. The rate of participation for people with any disability is 53%, and for those without disabilities, it’s 83%. Fundamentally, this is because our workplace is built around the neurotypical person, someone without a disorder or disease. But many people with autism […]

The cloud skills gap and how to find the right hands


This blog was originally published by Concerto Cloud Services. Since then, Concerto Cloud Services has become DXC Concerto, the mid-market cloud offering within DXC Technology. Modern society is filled with powerful tools that have helped us grow rapidly and accomplish amazing things. Credit cards, cell phones, the internet and cloud. But all the upside of […]

How enterprises can get ahead of the IoT skills gap

IoT skills DXC Blogs

As the Internet of Things (IoT) morphs from “future technology” to something enterprises soon will have to manage (if they aren’t doing so already), it’s important to lay the groundwork for successful implementations. Much of that involves the basics of enterprise technology: Ensuring that data is securely collected, transmitted and analyzed. But making that happen requires […]

Free ‘Introduction to OpenStack’ class offered

OpenStack is a great open-source cloud. It has broad industry support. Indeed, it’s hard to find a major technology company that doesn’t back OpenStack. There’s only one little thing wrong with it: It’s a nightmare to pick up and deploy. I go to major cloud and open-source conferences a lot. I can always count on […]

2016 and still cloud clueless?

Cloud confusion CSC Blogs

It’s 2016 and system administrators (system administrators!!) are still saying things like: “Cloud is just servers on the darn internet…” Don’t these “system administrators” know it’s far more than that? I know why these knuckle draggers think the way they do. Some of them disregard the cloud’s significant and growing role in IT, for whatever reason. […]

IT Skills in Demand

One of the most popular CSC Town Halls we have ever had was on the topic of IT job skills. Perhaps more so than in any other industry, the skills that IT professionals need to be successful are always changing, always in need of updating to stay current with rapidly evolving technology. Or so one […]

Is data science becoming the latest higher education marketing hype?

I’ll never forget the delight in my daughter’s voice when she learned that one of her top college choices offered a course based on the incredibly popular CSI television series. The thought that she could learn in one semester the intricacies of solving complex crimes in just 60 minutes for 4 credits was what college […]

Do you have the social capital required for the disruption that disruptive digital innovation will require?

A key and recurring them at the CSC ASPIRE conference was the topic of the convergence of digital leadership and digital disruption. One of the memes that was carried throughout the conference was leveraged by a CSC Leading Edge Forum research report entitled “Leadership and Digital Leadership are Becoming One and the Same” authored by […]