Change management: The single biggest killer of business transformation

Behind every transformation is a story. In the world of technology, these stories are being told every day. From the small to medium enterprise starting its journey with automation, to the large organization migrating its heritage estate to the cloud, these changes are happening all around us. Do these changes just happen? Does somebody press […]

Who should be making your cloud decisions?

The advent of the cloud has brought new life to old IT battles. Who should be making the call? The techies? IT management? The CIO and top executives? Here are my thoughts. The guys and gals with their hands on the server keyboards are the ones most likely to know what’s what with the tech. […]

Plumbing the Internet of Engagements (IoE)

Ok, I’ll be the latest writer to muck around with new twists on the name of one of the latest crazes since The Cloud. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a sugar rush driven by technology vendors targeting government and business. Unlike The Cloud, the general public tend to have a more tangible understanding […]

How Does the Digital Community Affect the Car Industry and the Architecture Team?

Currently, there are many discussions with customers about digital strategies, the impact on business strategies and models and the role of enterprise architecture in the process. In these discussions, I keep seeing that the emphasis is mostly on things like mobile strategy, apps and digital platforms. Of course, these are all important issues that you […]

Next-Gen Walls for Next-Gen Threats

By Matthew O’Brien, CSC Cybersecurity Gartner first mentioned Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) in 2009 and since then analysts have made a lot of noise about them, but what are they really and why would you need one? Firstly, whether you call them next generation firewalls, unified threat managers or security gateways, today’s perimeter defense technologies […]

Enterprise Architecture’s New Clothes

A Changing Role for EA in Application Modernization By Andrew Doble, Global Product Manager Digital Transformation, CSC Danny Weinberger, Lead Enterprise Architect Central Europe, CSC Digital as a trend is continuing its inexorable march into the enterprise, a fact that has not escaped the attention of many CIOs. According to the latest CSC CIO survey, a large […]

Is data science becoming the latest higher education marketing hype?

I’ll never forget the delight in my daughter’s voice when she learned that one of her top college choices offered a course based on the incredibly popular CSI television series. The thought that she could learn in one semester the intricacies of solving complex crimes in just 60 minutes for 4 credits was what college […]

This Old Windows Server 2003 House

One of my recent blog posts commenting on OS support limiting application lifetimes stimulated a conversation with my colleagues about the upcoming End of Life (EOL) for the Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) Operating System. Despite this end of life being known for some time, various reports show a huge number of instances of WS2003 are […]

The case for shadow marketing to build the “digital brand called IT”

Hundreds of articles, blogs and seminars have focused on the extreme anxiety caused by the persistence of shadow IT within the businesses. The root causes range from the perception of an absence of the dynamic skills sets required for the now-trendy SMAC-ronym (social, mobile, analytics and cloud); to a persisting sense of the stereotypical “slow […]

Digital strategies are occurring… at the speed of dial-up

The adjective “digital” has become a Turrets’ tick of sorts in virtually every C-suite and LOB around the world – digital disruption, chief digital officer, digital leadership, digital innovation and of course “digital strategy.” There is a dichotomy in the imagery of digital as ultra-high-speed 60 gigahertz technology while the organizational aspects are occurring at […]