Delivering IT that “just works”

Our expectations for user experience are shaped by the huge consumer platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, and also the devices that we access them with such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and the PCs or Macs we use at home. When we use these consumer devices and services, there’s no […]

Don’t underestimate the value of walk-in IT support


Enterprises have long empowered workers to tackle minor IT service issues using self-help tools so the service desk can focus on larger problems, an approach known as “shifting left.” But while some matters are easily addressed this way, others will need direct involvement of the service desk, so it is better to think of support […]

What does digital experience management mean to your employees?

In a recent blog post, Nexthink co-founder Vincent Bieri wrote that when most people think of digital experience management, what first comes to mind is the consumer world and making the online experience enjoyable for shoppers and customers. However, he continued, employees also expect a positive experience when it comes to their digital devices in […]