Do technology companies mind if you’re not technical?

This is part 1 of a 3-part series. Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. – Bill Gates A question I have been asked multiple times since I first started applying for graduate positions last year is, “What made […]

Shadow influences drive considered decisions

The term “the usual suspects” is used widely in law enforcement and marketing vernacular. We are creatures of habit and we gravitate toward what we’ve grown accustomed to or at best toward what seems to work. I spend much of my professional life analyzing data related to the neuroscience of buying technology products. These purchases […]

Empresa aseguradora e infraestructura tecnológica ágil, ¿es posible?

Las aseguradoras siempre han participado en la carrera por llegar antes al mercado, con sus productos y soluciones, pero siempre al menor coste. El origen de este gran reto tampoco es nuevo; cambio en las expectativas de socios y clientes, aumento de la competencia y exigencias de los organismos reguladores, tal vez añadiendo el clima […]

Assurance : comment développer une infrastructure informatique agile?

Les assureurs ont toujours dû relever le défi d’apporter des produits et des solutions rapidement sur le marché et tout cela à moindre coût. Les challenges ne manquent pas : de nouvelles attentes de leurs fournisseurs et de leurs clients ; de nouveaux acteurs qui bouleversent le champ concurrentiel, de  nouvelles réglementations. Sans oublier le […]

How can insurers develop an agile IT infrastructure?

Insurers have always faced the challenge of taking products and solutions faster to market and doing so at lower cost. The sources of this challenge are not new – changing partner and customer expectations, increased and new competition and demanding regulators with perhaps the addition of the current financial climate. Insurers have risen to each […]

‘People science’ and other workplace trends to watch in 2017

A new year may have begun, but enterprises enter 2017 facing an old problem: A shallow talent pool. Glassdoor’s latest report on job trends reveals that, as of April 2016, there were 5.85 million unfilled jobs in the U.S., the most since 2000. Employers are under tremendous pressure to fill these slots, but the shortage […]

Who should be making your cloud decisions?

The advent of the cloud has brought new life to old IT battles. Who should be making the call? The techies? IT management? The CIO and top executives? Here are my thoughts. The guys and gals with their hands on the server keyboards are the ones most likely to know what’s what with the tech. […]

Business-driven IT – Focus on results

This blog was originally published by Fruition Partners. Since then, Fruition Partners has become the ServiceNow practice within DXC Technology. Many speak of how IT departments should adopt a service-oriented way of doing our work.  We should define what we do in terms of “services” and find ways of collaborating across team boundaries to deliver […]

Blockchains and birthdays

I have a birthday coming up.  Each year, my family tries to surprise me in some way, but it doesn’t always work.  The more people coordinating the plan, the harder it becomes to maintain the surprise – especially if one or more of the schemers aren’t the most reliable at keeping it quiet. Birthday surprises […]