Cloud migration: Making the right choices up front stacks the odds in your favour


IT leaders are looking before they leap Bring up the topic of cloud migration with a C-Suite executive and you’ll usually get a positive reaction. Viewed through a business lens, the prospect of cost savings, quicker time to market, and transparent consumption models are all compelling benefits. Have the same discussion with an IT leader, […]

Are you an Agile Servant Leader?

Building an Agile culture is more important than managing individual Agile projects because it sets the stage for the entire organization to be Agile. Scrum Masters, who lead Agile projects, are responsible for inculcating the right culture and mindset in the organization. But this can be difficult if the Scrum Master is set in old […]

On the shoulders of Big Friendly Giants in the workplace

Giants in the Workplace CSC Blogs

We all stand on the shoulders of giants, people who have led the way in our industry and workplace. (A wise Big Friendly Giant told me this recently. I told him that was a lovely title for a blog and he agreed, so here it goes.) These humble and compassionate leaders help others shine and become leaders in their own right. […]