How Mergers & Acquisitions disrupt healthcare technology


Disruption is often cited as something positive today, but when it comes to the disruption of healthcare technology caused by mergers and acquisitions, it can be downright frustrating. Even the best technology can be paralyzed by corporate culture, so consider what happens when you’re trying to merge the corporate and technological cultures of two or even […]

Cyber insurance: State of play

Cybersecurity insurance CSC Blogs

Cyber risks are real and constantly evolving with technological advances and pervasiveness. Whether as individuals, small businesses or multinational companies, we all face the threat of a cyber incident that can result in costly financial consequences. As the insurance industry deals with heavy competition for classic products and negative interest rate headwinds limiting returns from insurer’s bond portfolios, cyber risks […]

Managing separation: How divestment and splits create different complications

There have been many conversations about mergers and acquisitions in pharma – why they’re happening, their impact, how they’re being managed, potential fall out, and transition strategies. Less has been said, however, about those companies moving in the opposite direction through divestment, spin offs, or splits. Last year, Baxter announced it would be splitting into […]