Making the right connections: The secret to building intelligent enterprises


At SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, SAP’s showcase business technology conference staged in Orlando, Florida, there was a lot of talk about the intelligent enterprise — SAP’s name for a modern organisation that leverages emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and analytics to create smarter business processes, enable deeper insights and improve decision-making. Sounds […]

A is for automation

This post is part of a continuing series, “Digital: from A to Z,” that explores what it means to be “digital” from A to Z, broken down into individual blog posts diving deeper into various subjects. Check back regularly to see continuing posts as I work my way through the alphabet and let me know: […]

A primer on personal AI assistants

There have been many different attempts to create a J.A.R.V.I.S type of AI system to act as a personal assistant, able to interact with you and automate things.  (If you’re not sure what J.A.R.V.I.S is then you need to search on Marvels Iron Man and his AI Assistant). These have been from high profile people like Mark […]

Do voice activated assistants have a place in business?

Does the Voice Activated Assistant have a place in the business?   Yes it does. There are lots of voice activated assistants available to help us with our daily tasks. Some are built into mobile devices and some are purchased as specific items. The key is that they all respond to commands and can interact with […]

Putting machine learning into context

Machine Learning is getting a lot more air time these days but are we actually sure what it is? The most common definition goes along the lines of: It gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Arthur Samuel, 1959). This is an old quote but it has held the test of time. […]

Raising your machine intelligence quotient

With the enormous wave of machine intelligence technologies comes yet another hype curve of products that cover virtually every key product segment in the industry. Machine intelligence (MI) is no longer the sibling of artificial intelligence or what was pejoratively referred to as “machine intelligence as a magic box.” When MI is paired with Internet of Things […]

2017: Bigger, faster data makes for smarter machines

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, a time when our CTO, Dan Hushon, makes his technology predictions for the year ahead. For me, those predictions set the tone for the year to come and help me focus my attention on the trends that really matter. This year, the topic that has me most […]

Workforce of the future: Are you planning for robots in your team?

Robots and leadership CSC Blogs

Labour arbitrage has long been a strategy to drive down costs. However this was commonly achieved by offshoring the work to people in other countries that get paid less, what is called low-cost centres. But when robots cost a one-time fee of $15k and can do 3 people’s work, then parsing work to other humans in […]