Powerful management techniques many leaders still aren’t using

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.            — William Gibson This post is about a set of powerful management techniques that have each been around for over a decade, but that still haven’t yet diffused into everyday use, and that hence still appear novel to […]

¿El futuro de la ciencia espacial?; un mapa tecnológico del universo

Siempre pensé que alguien me contaría cuál es el futuro de la ciencia espacial. Recuerdo haber estado en la conferencia de la Asociación de Información Geográfica (AGI) hace 8 años, intentando entender cómo podía impactar el espacio en nuestro mundo. Allí asistí a las primeras demostraciones de realidad aumentada en pantalla gigante y “caminar” a […]

Le futur des sciences spatiales: cartographie technique de l’univers

J’ai toujours pensé que le futur des sciences spatiales serait un domaine que d’autres personnes viendraient me raconter. Comme par exemple lorsqu’il y a 8 ans, j’étais assise dans l’auditoire de l’Association d’Information Géographique et j’écoutais le conférencier nous expliquer comment l’espace était en train de changer le monde. J’ai alors vu une des premières […]

The future of spatial science: A techie map of the universe

The Future of Spatial Science was something I always thought others would be telling me. I remember sitting in the Association of Geographic Information (AGI) conference about 8 years ago, learning about how spatial was impacting the world. I saw some of the first versions of augmented reality on the big screen. As we were “walked” through an outdoors environment, the room […]

Mapping and adapting an ever-changing career

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Ensuring your workforce adapts and changes in an Exponential Society is crucial. Leaders need to allow employees to receive appropriate training and feel empowered to grow and adapt as their career, their industry and technology demands. It’s top of mind for many of our clients. And if it isn’t on yours, it should be. My own career path is an example of how skills adapt, […]