Becoming CMO 3.0

Customers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment and, most of all, memorable experiences. CMOs are increasingly embracing a new priority: identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities and optimising the consumer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. Yet whilst most CMO’s have being doing digital for years now, they have typically been stand-alone activities, either via their creative […]

Digital Enterprise Architecture (Digital-EA)

Social media CSC Blogs

A recent article in Wired magazine amused me. It painted a picture of an enterprise architect named Bob who found himself excluded from the “digital” initiative at his company. The Wired author suggested that he drop the word “enterprise” from his title, mess up and dye his hair, get some body piercings and join the marketing team as […]

Can CIOs catch up with multichannel customer engagement?

With the recent release of Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2015: Eye on the Buyer, it is clear that marketing is accelerating the pace of budgetary and strategic ownership of technology. Not only was customer engagement technology the top CMO expenditure in 2014 but it is also predicted to be the top innovation project by CMOs in 2015. In […]

The case for shadow marketing to build the “digital brand called IT”

Hundreds of articles, blogs and seminars have focused on the extreme anxiety caused by the persistence of shadow IT within the businesses. The root causes range from the perception of an absence of the dynamic skills sets required for the now-trendy SMAC-ronym (social, mobile, analytics and cloud); to a persisting sense of the stereotypical “slow […]