2019 IT trend: Increasingly strong data privacy rules will lead to new customer experiences

In 2019, protecting customers’ personal data will force companies to rethink their digital strategies as the full effects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set in. Failure to comply with GDPR will thwart an enterprise’s ability to conduct business globally. Innovative companies will see this as an opportunity to deliver better customer experiences and […]

How VR and AR will transform marketing and advertising


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies slowly are being adopted by enterprises for numerous reasons. Walmart, for example, recently announced it will distribute 17,000 Oculus Go VR headsets to train employees in the retail giant’s more than 4,700 stores in the U.S. And IKEA offers customers with iOS devices an AR app that […]

Attendons-nous trop de l’intelligence artificielle ?


Faites une requête Google sur « l’intelligence artificielle transforme “. Prenez votre temps, je vous attends… Vous remarquerez que même avant d’avoir cliqué sur le bouton “Rechercher”, Google vous suggère de compléter la recherche avec les termes avec : Travail Emploi Entreprise Industrie Une fois que vous cliquez sur “rechercher”, vous obtenez plus de 2 millions de […]

Ci aspettiamo troppo dall’IA troppo presto?


Fai una ricerca su Google con la frase “come si sta trasformando l’intelligenza artificiale”. Vai avanti, aspetterò. Ti renderai conto che anche prima di premere il pulsante “cerca”, Google suggerisce che l’intelligenza artificiale (IA) sta trasformando: la professione legale i centri di contatto le industrie globali il settore finanziario Wall Street Dopo aver cliccato su […]

Are we expecting too much of AI too soon?


Do a Google search on the phrase “how artificial intelligence is transforming”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You’ll notice that even before you hit the “search” button, Google suggests artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming: the legal profession contact centers global industries the financial industry Wall Street Once you do hit “search,” you get 112 million results, […]

The power of storytelling in enterprise IT

Power of Stories

For those road warriors who spend most of their time presenting in front of large groups around the world, the power of the words “let me tell you a story” are very well known. In my experience, however, there’s a subtle, but important difference between telling a story and storytelling. So before I go too […]

What CIOs should know about the buyer journey

You’re stuck in a conference room with a bunch of sales and marketing types discussing how they’re looking to use their new marketing technology toys to drive incremental revenue and keep the promises they made to you about ROI. You want to contribute to the conversation but then it turns to the “customer/buyer journey,” and […]

Blockchain’s identity problem


As an old dog in technology marketing and research, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the emergence of many new products and categories and observe the traction (or lack thereof) that the products get in the marketplace. I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard about blockchain. I was speaking with a […]

Shadow influences drive considered decisions

The term “the usual suspects” is used widely in law enforcement and marketing vernacular. We are creatures of habit and we gravitate toward what we’ve grown accustomed to or at best toward what seems to work. I spend much of my professional life analyzing data related to the neuroscience of buying technology products. These purchases […]

An Account Based Marketing primer for enterprise IT

In the age old attempt to “learn the business” there is a rather old marketing strategy that has been amplified recently by new ways of unearthing client insight from corporate databases and CRMs. I think it’s worthwhile for IT to understand this concept if for no other reason than to be proactive about it in […]