On the shoulders of Big Friendly Giants in the workplace

Giants in the Workplace CSC Blogs

We all stand on the shoulders of giants, people who have led the way in our industry and workplace. (A wise Big Friendly Giant told me this recently. I told him that was a lovely title for a blog and he agreed, so here it goes.) These humble and compassionate leaders help others shine and become leaders in their own right. […]

To be or not to be … a woman in IT

By now, it’s common knowledge that women are underrepresented in technology fields. At one time, people believed that women chose not to participate in IT careers, but I strongly disagree with this view point. I believe that if we encourage girls in computer science from an early age and support their careers as adults, they […]

Why artificial intelligence will never be smart enough to replace a good leader

Robots and leadership CSC Blogs

Recent events suggest that in the next 5 to 10 years, robots will be prevalent in society, serving humans in areas that 10 years ago seemed impossible. Governed by artificial intelligence (AI) and policies we put in place, robots will be helpers in our daily routines. From shopping, driving, cooking, cleaning to looking after people […]