Red Hat doubles down on cloud development investment

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For a while now, I’ve been saying Red Hat, The Linux Company, wants to become Red Hat, The Cloud Company. And I think I’m on to something. The first billion-dollar open-source company recently announced it was acquiring Codenvy. Codenvy is a well-regarded provider of cloud-native development tools. The company’s cloud-based, integrated development environment (IDE) enables developers to create modern container-based and […]

Oracle buys deeper into the cloud game with NetSuite

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Oracle’s purchase of NetSuite, arguably the very first cloud company, shows that Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison is dead serious about being a major cloud player. At $109 per share in cash, or approximately $9.3 billion, it’s a big stake. But, as Bloomberg stated, “Oracle is buying market share.” Specifically, Oracle is buying even more into software-as-a-service […]

Seeing the Big Picture: Best Practices in Business Process Development

Life sciences companies have been outsourcing their publishing activities for many years now and gaining significant benefit from those outsourcing relationships. There are opportunities beyond publishing, however, and many companies are missing out on gaining real business process improvements because they aren’t tapping into best practices and innovative developments that can drive agility and harmonization. […]