Suspected botnet author arrested

A 29-year-old man thought to have been involved in the Mirai botnet malware used in a series of devastating attacks during the second half of last year has been arrested. As the BBC reports in Router hacker suspect arrested at Luton Airport, the man was arrested under a European Arrest Warrant at the request of the […]

IoT botnet attacks continue, copycat emerges

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According to a blog, a new botnet malware based on a previous DDoS botnet aims to utilize vulnerable devices exploited in the recent IoT botnet Mirai attack. The new creation, dubbed Linux/IRCTelnet, was first identified by researchers at It exploits vulnerable IoT devices via hard-coded authentication credentials. This botnet malware is based on the Aidra botnet code and managed […]

Welcome to the wonderful world of hijacked IoT devices

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Last month, cyber hackers launched one of the largest DDoS attacks ever, crippling KrebsOnSecurity, a popular website run by tech security journalist Brian Krebs. What’s particularly chilling about this attack is that it used a network of connected devices — otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Here’s what happened to KrebsOnSecurity, as described by […]