The essential vehicle for digital transformation

Ask 10 enterprise professionals to define “digital transformation” and you’re liable to get 10 different answers. But however digital transformation is defined, it simply isn’t possible without mobile technology. With that in mind, enterprise IT leaders must ensure their mobile initiatives are on track, strategically and operationally. Otherwise digital transformation will be derailed — and that spells potential […]

Don’t start building that mobile app until you’ve done this

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Enterprises today are under tremendous pressure to leverage the power of mobile technology to help their businesses stay competitive. While mobile devices allow employees to do their jobs anywhere and at any time, the real value of mobile technology is in applications that help workers be more productive and efficient. Though off-the-shelf mobile apps may work well for […]

Quelques questions à se poser à l’heure de développer des applications pour wearables

Lorsque nous parlons de wearables dans l’entreprise, la plupart d’entre nous pensent immédiatement aux montres connectées- ce qui est compréhensible. Les ventes mondiales de montres connectées devraient se multiplier par plus de deux pour atteindre 66,7 millions en 2017, alors qu’elles étaient de 30,3 millions en 2015, selon une prévision récente de Gartner. Mais l’analyse […]

Qué tener en cuenta al desarrollar aplicaciones para wearables

Cuando hablamos de objetos conectados (wearables) en la empresa, la mayoría piensa inmediatamente en los relojes inteligentes, y es comprensible. Las ventas mundiales de smartwatches alcanzarán las 66,7 millones de unidades en 2017, frente a los 30,3 millones actuales en 2015 (según Gartner), lo que es más del doble en dos años. Pero el análisis […]

Questions to consider when developing apps for wearables

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When we talk about wearables in the enterprise, most of us immediately think about smartwatches — and understandably so. Global sales of smartwatches are expected to more than double to 66.7 million in 2017 from 30.3 million in 2015, according to a recent forecast from Gartner. But Gartner’s breakdown of the wearables market also included a number […]

The plan to revolutionize enterprise mobile apps development

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For a number of reasons, developing mobile applications for the enterprise involves greater complexity than creating consumer mobile apps. There are the heightened security considerations, for starters. Ensuring integration and functionality across different mobile platforms also are tremendous challenges for enterprise apps developers. A consortium of mobile technology and apps vendors hopes to ease this […]

Is the enterprise ready for user-created mobile apps?

One of the major mantras of the modern digital enterprise is that developers must build mobile apps with the end user in mind; otherwise employees simply won’t use them. Well, what would happen if end users themselves were able to build their own mobile apps? We’ll find out soon enough, thanks to Microsoft’s PowerApps, a new […]

Are your apps creating enough ‘mobile moments’?

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At its best, mobile application development is a combination of science, art and intuition. A good programmer knows how to build a tool from the perspective of the end user’s needs in such a way that it produces what Forrester Research’s Ted Schadler last year branded a “mobile moment.” I was reminded of the phrase […]

Does Windows 10 Mobile have a place in your enterprise?

To workers in an office where everyone uses a smartphone all day, it may seem as if the enterprise mobility market has matured. Far from it: A new forecast from Transparency Market Research predicts  the global enterprise mobility market will reach $510.4 billion in 2022, nearly six times the $86.4 billion last year. If recent […]