Mobile security: There’s a bad app uprising


In June, a report found a near 15% increase in blacklisted mobile apps that have been deemed dangerous by experts. This increase came after nine month of decline. The findings were part of an analysis by security firm RiskIQ, which analyzed more than two million new apps and more than 120 mobile app stores available […]

The increasing threats to mobile device security and how to thwart them

Multi Devices

When it comes to securing mobile workers, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the perfect time to step back from the daily grind, identify where the next wave of threats might be coming from, and fine-tune your strategy for staying one step ahead. The office environment is typically where employees spend the majority of their time, where […]

The iPhone security enhancements you need to know about


Apple has officially set the date for its next iPhone event as September 12, 2018. The company is expected to announce a new line-up of iPhones and perhaps some other hardware. Of course, new phones means a new mobile operating system: iOS 12. And while iOS 12 will deliver improvements designed to increase operating system […]

Getting mobile security right: The foundational elements on which to build


As a mobility security architect, I get to research and play with the latest technologies developed for the enterprise. The pace of change is astonishing, to the point that if we are not at the top of our game, technology becomes a destructive force and puts our enterprises at risk. There are many ways to […]

Smishing, la última ciberamenaza móvil

Si hay algo en lo que un profesional de IT y un ciberdelincuente pueden coincidir es en que el punto más vulnerable de cualquier red lo constituye el propio usuario. ¡Los usuarios móviles nos ponen las cosas más difíciles! Perderán sus teléfonos, descargarán aplicaciones de sitios no seguros y accederán a datos confidenciales de la […]

Carriers collaborating to improve mobile security


One of the biggest challenges for enterprise IT managers today is securing mobile devices. While the major obstacles to mobile security (as all IT pros know) are users, technology vulnerabilities also play a part in making mobile devices a risk to enterprise networks and data. That’s because users often are forced to jump through multiple […]

No more slacking on mobile collaboration security

Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration tools provide enterprise project team members with a dynamic digital environment for brainstorming and communicating. Combined with mobile devices, collaboration platforms offer unparalleled flexibility for enterprise team members to contribute on the road, at home, or anywhere else. But collaboration platforms aren’t necessarily safe spaces. They’re potentially as vulnerable as any networked environment these […]

La conectividad puede poner barreras a IoT

Casi todas las grandes empresas confían en que sus iniciativas actuales y futuras de Internet de Cosas (IoT, por sus siglas en inglés) den fruto, en los próximos años, como refleja una reciente encuesta de la firma Vanson Bourne. Los resultados de la consultora indican que el 97% de los encuestados “están logrando o esperan […]

Beyond “mobile-first” to “mobile-only”?

Mobile technology is now a top or growing priority for the vast majority of enterprises, a new global survey shows. More than one in four respondents (27%) to Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s (EME) mid-year survey said mobile was the top priority for their enterprises, while 61% called mobile a “growing priority”. “The proliferation of mobile devices […]

Pire que le ransomware ? Tout simplement génial…

Si vous ou votre entreprise avez été victimes de l’attaque massive de ransomware (ou « rançongiciel ») qui a récemment secoué l’univers numérique, vous avez peut-être vu, sur votre appareil infecté, un message vous informant que vos données ne seraient déverrouillées qu’après le paiement de 300$ en bitcoin. Les chercheurs ont d’abord pensé que le « logiciel malveillant était […]