Environnement de travail : bientôt sans bureau ?


Plus de mobilité et de télétravail : la tendance en entreprise ne montre aucun signe d’essoufflement, tant que les employés aspirent à plus de flexibilité quant aux lieux et horaires de travail. Un peu moins d’un employé sur trois (32%) – et moins d’un tiers des employés de la génération Y (27%) –  passent la totalité […]

How digital detachment corrodes workplace culture


We take it for granted now, but digital and mobile technologies have dramatically transformed – and even redefined – the workplace. No longer is it assumed that the vast majority of employees must gather at a physical headquarters or satellite office to do their jobs. Today’s enterprise employees increasingly are able to be productive from […]

Workplace of the future may not have an actual workplace


The trend toward an increasingly mobile and remote work force shows no sign of stopping as employees demand flexibility in where and when they do their jobs. Fewer than one in three employees (32%) — and even fewer Millennial employees (27%) — spent all of their working hours this year in their organization’s physical office, […]

Cool security tools your mobile workers just might use

security tools concept

As any IT professional knows, enterprise mobile workers typically aren’t as security conscious as, well, IT professionals. Understandable to be sure, but vexing nonetheless! Poor security practices — ranging from losing mobile devices to failing to use encryption on public Wi-Fi networks — can result in data loss and theft, brand damage, compliance penalties and more. […]