The iPhone security enhancements you need to know about


Apple has officially set the date for its next iPhone event as September 12, 2018. The company is expected to announce a new line-up of iPhones and perhaps some other hardware. Of course, new phones means a new mobile operating system: iOS 12. And while iOS 12 will deliver improvements designed to increase operating system […]

Disrupción, la única salida

Una tecnología o idea es disruptiva cuando resuelve problemas simples y generales, de modo aún no probado. Incluso, pueden originar mercados completamente nuevos, como fue el caso de Internet para la publicación y publicidad online, las redes móviles, o fenómenos como Airbnb que ha facilitado a cualquier persona y desde cualquier sitio poner en alquiler […]

Enterprises must disrupt or die


Technologies and ideas are disruptive when they solve simple and widespread problems in ways that have not yet been tried. Disruptive technologies and ideas also have the power to create entirely new markets; think the Internet (online publishing and advertising), wireless communications networks (smartphones), and services such as Airbnb, which made it easy for anybody […]

The great distractors make the best workers


Good news employers: The workplace is still for working. Sounds obvious, but given the suffusion of mobile devices throughout the workplace, some are still worried otherwise. Social media, made all the more accessible by mobile devices, often gets pegged as “The Great Distractor” but with the most recent launches of Microsoft Teams and Facebook’s Workplace, […]

Welcome to the world of the “slashies” and the “multi-hyphenated”

In English we used to name people by their family role: Taylor – tailored clothing Smith – was the blacksmith Fletcher – created arrows Wright – a worker of wood such as a wheelwright Fisher – was the local catcher of fish Carpenter – made carriages If you were born into a family of smiths […]

5G will transform enterprise mobile

Some big changes to network speed and mobile applications are just around the corner, and enterprises would be wise to prepare. So says a comprehensive annual report from enterprise consultancy Deloitte. Perhaps the most significant development for enterprise mobile initiatives is the rollout of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular networks. Deloitte predicts “significant tangible steps toward the […]

If you’re not enabling innovation, you’re enabling failure

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Investment in artificial technologies (AI) continues to grow, with tech giants such as Google, Apple, IBM and Intel snapping up promising AI startups and with billions of dollars in venture capital supporting commercial AI projects globally. As Forbes contributor Gil Press notes, use of AI in the enterprise is increasing. A Narrative Science survey predicts the percentage of […]

When a high-profile user rejects enterprise-issued technology

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There’s one ultimate measure of technology’s effectiveness in the workplace: Does it advance the goals of the organization? On the ground level, the answer to that question depends on whether the technology either 1) improves processes, or 2) helps employees do their jobs better and more efficiently. Sometimes employees have strong opinions about the latter. […]

Un Internet de las Cosas multicultural

¿Hay algún producto, fuente de datos o servicio IT realmente universal? ¿O es el carácter cultural inherente a cualquier acción trasladable a escala global? He desarrollado mi carrera en torno a la corrección de errores de comunicación que se comenten en todo el mundo, mostrando a las empresas cómo evitarlos. Así que ¿cómo no me […]

L’Internet des Objets multiculturels

Existe-t-il un produit, service ou source technologique réellement universel ? Ou le caractère culturel des choses est-il inhérent à chaque action dès lors qu’elle atteint une échelle mondiale ? J’ai fait carrière dans la correction d’erreurs de communication à travers le monde et j’ai enseigné à de nombreuses entreprises les meilleures manières de les éviter. Il va […]