Open Source: Leaping blindly towards an ideology


I read many articles and papers over the years focusing on various trends du jour — all emerging and rising technologies that make sweeping claims and promises. Some have more staying power than others. Some boom and then bust, taking many casualties with them ( bubble, anybody?). Others have the power to influence, shape and […]

The basics behind making your apps agile and user friendly

Upstart companies that have created business models based on software and the Internet are causing massive disruptions in traditional businesses and industries. Established businesses that were once dominant must compete in new ways and are racing to catch up. They must contend with very large IT installations that they built at great expense to get […]

How to develop and deliver next-gen applications

Modern digital applications CSC Blogs Journey to the Digital Enterprise

By enabling the creation of new services and unlocking data from older software, modern applications can release your organization’s full value. But how do you get started? One of the fastest, most efficient ways to develop and deliver next-gen applications is to select a project that’s both small and likely to have a noticeable effect […]

Introducing the modern application platform

Looking for a group of technologies that will give your organization the power to transform itself for the future? You’re imagining the modern application platform. While software is disrupting entire industries, the biggest changes are coming not from applications, but from this platform and the dynamic integration of the technologies that power it. These include […]