The three realities of ICT security all senior executives must accept

My colleagues and I are often asked by senior executives how they can make sure their organisation’s data is secure from loss. Security professionals know better than to ask, but they sometimes place false trust in tools that promise greater visibility or better defences. They also often ask us how they can make better sense […]

Integrating monitoring to the Agility Platform

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A while back I blogged about monitoring. I covered a little bit of history and listed some of the challenges IT faces on what to monitor, how much monitoring is enough, etc. Today, I want to talk about how the Agility Platform approaches monitoring. The Agility Platform is able to monitor the instances that are provisioned; it just needs […]

Monitoring the health of workloads in the cloud

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Systems Management has been around for a very long time and the concepts are used by nearly all companies world wide. When you have applications running on an Operating System on a server — maybe even multiple servers working together — you need to track the health of those systems, from basic up/down monitoring to in-depth monitoring around […]