How software-defined networks assist the security imperative

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The growth of cloud computing and the rise of the mobile workforce means more data is flowing beyond enterprise walls. Not just in highly regulated industries but in every industry today, businesses have concerns about data security and privacy, as well as the ability to defend critical information from the eventuality of an attack. Critical […]

How interns can start networking

When you’re young, you’re told by your parents, friends and strangers never to talk to strangers. Once you get into the business world however, that sentiment changes. Networking – like Outlook and coffee breaks – is a mandatory part of doing business today. It’s the best way to connect with others and develop relationships, both […]

How the Industrial Webolution is changing daily life for all of us

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The Industrial Webolution – Part 3 – Daily Life In parts one and two of this series I have noted how the development of the industrial Web today bears some resemblance to the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this final part of the series I look at daily life, community and contact. […]

Context turns big data into knowledge

It’s really hard to understate the importance of context— especially when it comes to data. Data is great, but it’s meaningless and even cumbersome without context. Put a sign up saying “Keep Out,” and most will ignore it. Put one up saying “Keep Out, Unexploded Bomb” and all but a foolish few will stay away. Data in […]

Meet, e-mail, Facebook or SnapChat: should you “network”?

In a word, YES!  If you are interacting with humans during the day, you are networking. Whether you think that way at the time, every interaction you have with someone is either deepening or damaging your network, and your brand. Here’s my thoughts after reading countless books and my personal experience – successes and failures. […]

Key habits of effective people: how to make progress and notice it

There is a great saying “don’t confuse activity with progress” from one of the greatest coaches to have lived, from one of my alma maters UCLA, John Wooden. When asked, he would say this is one of he most important reasons for his success as a coach. He won 10 NCAA National Basketball championships, 7 […]

You say ‘virtual,’ I say ‘digital’

In a recent post I explained how past, present and future trends in the development of storage technology makes the question “Where is my data?” pretty meaningless. With the rise of clouds, the same could be said of the question “Where is my computer?” Now the network itself is getting the same “software defined” treatment. It used to […]