An Alternate Reality for Healthcare

I’ve recently started watching “The Man in the High Castle,” a TV adaptation of a Philip K. Dick novel. It tells the story of what the world would have been like if Germany and Japan had won WWII. It really does make you consider how life would have been different, and how things that we […]

Is “sharing” really “caring”?

The Telegraph recently published an article based on the announcement that high street pharmacies will be given access to NHS medical records in a move that has provoked privacy campaigners. There are arguments both for and against this move, which I have listed below: Con The process: A large part of the argument against this […]

Top 3: UK Coordinated Care Findings

Care Coordination is a key concern in the UK healthcare landscape as it is globally. The need for systems to be integrated in order to reap business process benefits as well as capitalizing on the sheer mass of data that healthcare organizations produce on a daily basis is driving healthcare providers to seek out assistance […]

Integrated Care and Chocolate

I heard an interesting fact today. The cocoa plant is grown commercially in Central Africa and also in South Central America. They are the same plant grown in similar latitudes and genetically identical. But, what is so interesting is the chocolate they produce tastes completely different. Why is this so? Well it is the influence […]

Integrated Care – Thinking Like a Patient

When Simon Stevens took up his role as CEO of NHS England, in his first speech he mentioned that we all need to “think like patients” as we move forward to change healthcare. I began to think about this in some depth and reflected on not only my experiences as a patient, but also on […]