Six ways retailers can push the shopping cart toward a frictionless experience

As consumers, we’ve all experienced the opposite of a frictionless shopping experience:  Long lines at checkout. Customer service representatives who are nowhere to be found. Frustration at not finding what we’re looking for. But what is a frictionless experience, and how can retailers provide it? The definitions and possibilities are many, but essentially, frictionless shopping […]

Turning uncertainty about DSCSA drug traceability requirements into a business advantage

By Jared Kimble The pharmaceutical industry has been anticipating the next stages of the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) for some time now. The act, which became law in 2013, requires that trading partners in the supply chain – manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors — and dispensers must meet product identification and traceability requirements. […]

¿Por qué los comercios deben centrarse en el análisis de sus clientes?

El análisis de Big Data está transformando muchos sectores, y el comercio minorista no es una excepción. Sin embargo, las tiendas a pie de calle tienen una peculiaridad; a diferencia de algunas industrias, deben extender sus programas analíticos para no centrarse sólo en su operativa interna, sino también en el consumidor en general. Si lo […]

La distribution a tout à gagner à se concentrer sur l’analyse des données clients

Le Big Data transforme de nombreux secteurs, et les distributeurs ne sont pas en reste. Il y a néanmoins quelques nuances qui marquent la différence. Contrairement à certains secteurs, la distribution doit élargir ses programmes d’analyse afin de se concentrer, non seulement sur les opérations internes, mais également sur les consommateurs. Bien exécuté, cela peut […]

Why retailers need to focus their analytics on consumers

Big data analytics are transforming many industries, and retail is no exception. But there’s a difference. Unlike some industries, retail needs to expand analytics programs to focus, not only on internal operations, but also on consumers. Done right, this can empower retailers to make predictions that optimize decisions and operations for both consumers and products. […]

Omnichannel engagement: The power of a single view

Can you see your customer? I mean, really see her? In today’s fast-changing marketplace, retailers need a single view of customers. That view should include purchasing history, personal demographics, shopping preferences, contact information, loyalty-card details and more. Achieving this 360-degree view empowers retailers to, among other things, make real-time offers of new products and services […]

To drive retail transformation, harness the power of omnichannel engagement

As the theme of this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) big show, “Driving Retail Transformation” indicates that retailers have hit a turning point. Many businesses have invested in digital technology for marketing, operations, supply chain and other essential functions. But they still need to take the next steps: They need to transform their supply chains, […]

The dual challenge in going digital in insurance

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Paper has been making a long, slow exit from the insurance industry. Regulation has been a reason to maintain paper-based communication between the customer and the insurance company. Yet, as printed materials have been phased out, a greater share of products, services and processes have made the transition from manual to automated methods. A truly digital […]

How technology answers the retail challenge

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For more than a decade retail has been a disrupted industry. Companies at times have struggled to react to rapidly changing technologies that upended long established consumer behaviours and processes. Retailers used to have almost total control of the selling process – how, where, when and what changed hands. More recently, the rise of the […]

Banques : le réseau à l’heure de l’omnicanal

Agences et conseillers ont toute leur place dans le modèle relationnel que redessine la transformation numérique. Mais d’importants changements sont à prévoir.   Comme l’indique sans ambiguïté l’enquête menée par PAC et CSC auprès des banques françaises, celles-ci font de l’omnicanal un des axes prioritaires de leur transformation digitale. Bien que celui-ci ne soit déjà […]