FHIR puts actionable clinical decision support into hands of physicians

by Chris Royle FHIRworks Series: The barriers for sharing documentation and data in healthcare are breaking down, helped by standardization, digital technologies and collaboration. In this blog series Chris Royle, Interoperability Specialist for DXC Healthcare, will focus on the use of HL7 FHIR in the real-world, and how it can be used to drive further adoption and […]

Data, algorithms and technology: Saving lives in the ICU

By Pritam Potnis Next-generation healthcare device innovations are providing hospitals with better, more detailed insights that, with the right overview and analytics capabilities, have the potential to save more lives, manage population health in and beyond the hospital, and reduce costs. An example of this type of innovation is research at a noted hospital network […]

21st century healthcare organisations

The VitalSign Series: Why have an English doctor from the United Kingdom and a Canadian technologist from Australia come together to write a blog series? Because healthcare and technology are equally complex, and it’s challenging enough to stay at the forefront of one industry in this rapidly evolving digital era — let alone two. In […]

Santé : Relever le défi des données fragmentées

Par Cécile Mico, responsable du développement commercial du marché Santé et Vincent Planat, architecte et expert en technologies Santé, DXC Technology Fragmentation des systèmes d’information, silos de données… les défis ne manquent pas pour les organismes de santé français, et les freinent dans la modernisation de leurs pratiques. Les précieuses archives, telles que les notes […]