Exploring organizational culture and collaborative innovation

In my previous post, I reinforced the importance of building cross-cultural dimensions into collaborative innovation to accommodate different ways of thinking. While it could be argued that by studying local cultures before you understand headquarters, you’re putting the cart before the horse, I would argue that a central culture cannot be defined before you know the global parts. Anyone who has […]

Exploring cross-cultural aspects of collaborative innovation

Much has been written about how to inspire a culture of innovation within enterprises. But in an age of globalization, the term “corporate culture” carries a much more complex meaning, given the geographic and cultural diversity of collaborators. The terms begs a few questions: How can you build a culture of innovation across countries? Are there specific […]

What Innovation Isn’t

Last year I was invited to Warwick Business School to talk to a group of MBA and engineering students about that thorny topic of innovation. I thought, What could there possibly be left to say about innovation? Innovation in all its guises is the most popular category of business books, by far, and thousands of websites offer […]