Operational efficiency: A must-have for digital retail

Operations is the one part of your business consumers rarely see. That might be changing. In fact, retailers now need an optimized, innovative and lean approach to operations to meet the requirements of today’s customer-facing business. Operational efficiency is your new must-have, and not just for the cost-savings you’ve yearned to achieve in the past. […]

Customer experience, GRC and efficiency continue to be key issues for banks

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A survey I’m conducting of 20 financial institutions reveals that the key challenges facing the industry center around: (1) Enhancing Customer Experience (2) Governance, Risk & Compliance (3) Operational Efficiency …. with technology disruption (particularly amongst payments) embedded amongst them. With Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency being the two largest issues, it is no surprise that institutions […]

Operational efficiency: The art of the possible in maritime

I want to walk you through a day aboard a modern catcher-processor, a ship like the Alaska Ocean. These incredible vessels have efficiency down to an art. The day begins with a crew of about 150 people shipping out to catch and process up to 225 metric tons of frozen, finished products. Hi-tech electronics help […]