The five reasons Kubernetes won the container orchestration wars


When I first looked at Kubernetes and the other cloud container orchestration programs, I knew Kubernetes would be the winner. No, ifs, ands or buts about it. The program was clearly so much better than its competition. Today, even its rivals support it. Why? Kubernetes enables you to run clusters of containers at scale on […]

Docker embraces Kubernetes with Docker Enterprise 2.0


It turns out Docker was serious about adopting Kubernetes. Docker has its own container orchestration program, Docker Swarm mode, but the company saw the wind was blowing towards Kubernetes so it added Kubernetes to its selection of orchestration tools in October 2017. But, there’s adoption and then there’s “Adoption.” With the first you announce you’ll […]

Docker now includes built-in container orchestration

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Docker, the 800-pound gorilla of container technology, has recently added a new and very important trick to its magic act: Orchestration. For musicians, orchestration means writing music for a particular musical group. For those us in IT, orchestration is the automated installation, coordination and management of complex software systems. We know orchestration best these days […]