Primer vistazo a la asociación de DXC e Hitachi Vantara

Llevo décadas trabajando  como responsable de producto o jefe de tecnología, y creo que éste es el momento más potente en cuanto a alianzas entre compañías. Se está produciendo un cambio hacia la mejora del valor de los datos de nuestros negocios, lo que nos afecta a todos. Los clientes, y la sociedad en general, […]

DXC and ServiceNow partnership: A win-win-win


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” That famous quote from Helen Keller has been running through my mind lately as I’ve reflected on the partnership between DXC Technology and ServiceNow. What started as a regional relationship between Fruition Partners (now a DXC company) and ServiceNow, the leading platform for […]

Getting platforms right when data is currency and partnerships a force multiplier

With their ability to plug and play and consume services, platforms are today’s go-to business model. The agility allows organisations to embrace an ever-widening network — or ecosystem — of value-adding contributors. In this environment, data is the new currency and partnerships are the force multiplier — yet many organisations haven’t changed the way they partner or reward performance. […]

Vertical versus horizontal thinking for enterprise IT

In the past, vertical thinking dominated a lot of decision-making about IT infrastructure. Terms such as “end-user,” “middleware” and “technology stack” all imply sets of vertical connections. These processes could stretch from the depths of data storage to the heights of an “operations bridge,” where all knowledge steers to a particular company with foresight and purpose on […]

Why cocktail-napkin deals inspire agility

Partner integration CSC Blogs

Breaking up may be hard to do, but for global enterprises, honeymoons may be even more challenging. In a new study from PwC entitled Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances: Examining the keys to success, almost 60% of CEOs reported that they were planning to enter into a new strategic alliance or joint venture (JV) in 2016. […]

Partnerships Needed as Life Sciences Enters Care Management World

The life sciences business model is changing, moving away from simply developing and selling pills or devices and toward becoming a partner in the care management process. In some places, we’re starting to see a workload shift, with life sciences companies taking on activities traditionally associated with payers and providers. By Dr. Sven Jansen, Industry General […]