Uno sguardo alla partnership tra DXC e Hitachi Vantara

Ho lavorato per decenni come product manager o leader tecnologico, ma trovo che il momento più potente per le partnership sia proprio ora. Per tutti noi, sta avvenendo un cambiamento verso l’aumento del valore dei dati per le nostre aziende. I clienti, ed in generale la società, si trovano di fronte alla disruption. Imprese tradizionali […]

Partenariats : Les leçons à tirer du multiculturalisme

J’ai appris très tôt la leçon de réunir deux entités distinctes dans une seule et même unité. Grandir dans une famille bilingue et biculturelle m’a appris l’importance des partenariats et sur ce qu’apporte la diversité. Bien que mon mon éducation intègre deux cultures distinctes, elle n’a pas façonné deux personnalités distinctes, mais plutôt un unique […]

A look at the DXC Technology and Hitachi Vantara partnership

I’ve been working for decades either as a product manager or technology leader, yet I find that the most powerful time for partnerships is right now. For all of us, there is a shift happening toward maximizing the value of data for our businesses. Customers, and society at large, are faced with increasing disruption.  Traditional […]

Industry-university partnerships that work


Business leaders sometimes describe a need for ideas, talent, and collaboration tools that aren’t found within the four walls of the enterprise but flow from the outside in. Harnessing this “open innovation” can be critical for keeping competitive advantage. In another cultural arena, higher-education decision-makers are increasingly being asked to operate with an entrepreneurial edge […]

What multiculturalism can teach us about business partnerships

At an early age, I learned the lesson of bringing two distinct entities together in unity. Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural family taught me the importance of partnership and the value of inclusion, which I consider a learned skill. Although my background includes two distinct cultures, that does not create two separate personas, but rather those […]

A successful digital collaboration transformation starts with your users


An increasingly globalized workforce, the consumerization of IT and ongoing cost pressures have forced business leaders to reimagine how employees work, communicate and collaborate. Digital collaboration addresses these challenges, making it possible for employees, partners and customers to interact across the workplace and eliminate islands of disconnected systems and tools. Enterprises are embracing the move to […]

The ‘wallflower effect’ in crafting smart city partnerships

Having spent the past two years researching the hype curve of smart and resilient city innovation, I’ve learned of the financial obstacles of getting these projects through municipal procurement watchdogs. Even in the most well-endowed cities, they can rarely go it alone when it comes to smart infrastructure projects. In the private sector we would […]