Los viejos hábitos con contraseñas son difíciles de cambiar… si es que se logra

No se me ocurre algo que los expertos de seguridad y los equipos de TI odien más que administrar credenciales. Los usuarios odian tener que administrar sus contraseñas y tienden a hacerlo mal. Y eso, a su vez, conduce a llamadas de solicitud de restablecimiento de contraseñas, entre las más costosas de las llamadas de […]

In security, it’s usually the basic stuff that gets you — like passwords


There are some very smart hackers out there with access to the latest techniques and exploits, but time and again it has been observed that attackers don’t need to deploy the latest and greatest because they can achieve their goals with the older and basic. Why bother with something complex or burn a new tool […]

Old password habits die hard … if they ever die at all


If there’s anything that security and IT teams hate more than managing credentials, I certainly can’t think of it. Users hate having to manage their passwords and they tend to do so poorly. And that, in turn, leads to password reset request calls — among the most costly of helpdesk service call types. (By the […]

¿Somos honestos con nuestras contraseñas?

El tema de las contraseñas siempre desata una discusión interesante. Aunque todos sabemos que no son una solución demasiado buena, aún recurrimos a ellas y no encontramos una alternativa mejor. La web PCMag.com se propuso hace muy poco buscar respuestas a este tema y encuestó a 2.500 consumidores en EE.UU. Los resultados fueron tan extraños […]

Is it time to STOP expiring passwords?

Picture the scene: You’ve just been on a wonderful vacation it’s been a great time to relax and do something you love, but now you are walking into your place of work. Waiting for you is a mountain of emails and you want to get right to it. You take out your iPad, Android tablet or open […]

For enterprise workers, convenience trumps security

Cybersecurity CSC Blogs

According to a recent survey, while employees are concerned about data security as well as the security of their own personal data, their attitudes toward security policies belies the very type of data they wish to protect. Not surprisingly, the survey found that 85% of employees would react negatively if they found out that their personal […]

5 common password sins that weaken security

Fraud detection and analytics CSC Blogs

There’s been a lot of talk recently about passwords, password strength and hacked password managers, and even the need to get rid of passwords altogether. While that may not be a bad idea, passwords are going to be with us for some time. And for decades now, probably since the invention of the first computer […]