Blockchain in Healthcare: SWOT Analysis

Following on from one of my previous blog post entries, I would like to take this time to once again write about the potential of Blockchain in Healthcare. I have crafted the SWOT analysis below to evaluate the current state of Blockchain in Healthcare, its potential and what we can expect going forward. Please click […]

Blockchain in healthcare: From theory to reality

This month, I’ve been looking at a very interesting topic that is receiving an increasing amount of attention within the IT landscape; Blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger of transactions, which was originally founded to cater to Bitcoin transactions. Although Blockchain is much more well established within the financial services sector, it is gradually making […]

Is “sharing” really “caring”?

The Telegraph recently published an article based on the announcement that high street pharmacies will be given access to NHS medical records in a move that has provoked privacy campaigners. There are arguments both for and against this move, which I have listed below: Con The process: A large part of the argument against this […]

Analyzing the Genpact Payer infographic

I recently saw an infographic from Genpact (available here) on the top concerns for Payers and found it very interesting and insightful. The survey was conducted across 920 senior executives in Payer organizations in North America. The survey found that the top three concerns were: Compliance, Customer Satisfaction and Cost Reduction. It then goes into […]

Coordination and Consolidation

As we have seen over previous years, there has been widespread consolidation in the healthcare market. Both providers and payers alike have been making acquisitions within their locales. Their goals include improving integration across their organization while reaping other benefits such as expanding revenue streams. Although this may seem a viable option right now, this […]