Key to feedback: Recognising your achievements


I’m hoping a lot of you have been able to take your feedback and compliments a little to heart. And I’m hoping more of you have taken the plunge and asked your colleagues — remote and office — for feedback. But in case you’re still struggling with it all, perhaps your issue is my former […]

How to embrace feedback in the workplace


As promised in my last blog, let’s talk about taking your feedback personally. Bear with me here. One method we can use, is something called the “feedback sandwich.” The basic concept is that the “bread” is the positive things and the “meat” in the middle is the improvements bit. You start off positive, you give […]

Could artificial intelligence replace the annual performance review?

The ideal enterprise environment is one in which employees are treated fairly and respectfully, practices that typically pay dividends by inspiring productivity and company loyalty. But ideals are elusive in the real world, as employees tend to bring their human flaws and complications into the enterprise. One of the most damaging of these flaws is bias, the practice of […]