Phishing attacks on the rise

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It’s no surprise that phishing attacks remain among the most effective. By some estimates, phishing (specifically highly-targeted spear-phishing attacks) are how 91% of digital attacks are initiated. Even business and security leaders — those who clearly should know better — admit to being fooled. In our post, The high risk of data loss associated with employees, […]

Survey: There’s a divide between cyber security concerns and cyber security actions


When it comes to cyber security, U.S. businesses and citizens alike have plenty of concerns, but they may not know how to mitigate them. That observation is based on the third annual Cyber Report from property and casualty insurer Chubb (pdf), which found that eight in 10 Americans continue to be concerned about a cyber […]

A human firewall could be the best defense against phishing attacks


Phishing is an international menace for enterprises, and one fundamental line of defense could be the very target of attacks – your people and the information they control. With the proper education and awareness, your employees can be a “human firewall” of sorts, serving as the first line of defense against phishing scams. By many […]

Attention Apple users: New attack steals banking creds

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A recently discovered malware targeting MacOS, named OSX/DOK, is now targeting unsuspecting Apple Mac users and attempting to steal their banking access credentials. The malware, initially discovered by researchers at Check Point Software Technologies, reportedly affects all versions of OSX, had a valid developer certificate, and targeted users via a widespread phishing attack. According to […]

Enterprises could (but often don’t) do this one thing to dramatically reduce risk

What is the one technique involved in almost every security breach? Phishing. Nearly every major breach starts with some sort of phishing attack, in which nefarious individuals send reputable-looking emails with the goal of getting the recipient to reveal information or click on a malicious link. Perhaps it’s an assistant opening what he or she thinks is a contract for […]

On spreading malware and mayhem with a USB stick

USB stick security penetration

If you see a USB stick lying on the street, you might be better off just walking by. And if you happen to pick it up, make sure it ends up in the trash compactor. No matter how curious you may be, it’s just not worth the risk of plugging in. This was my takeaway reading articles about […]

Phishing attacks keep financial institutions, online services on the hook

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Remember when email phishing attacks were all too easy to spot? The bad graphics, poor email page design and layout, paragraphs peppered with spelling errors — they were always dead giveaways. Well, those days are gone and phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. And while phishing attacks are primarily used to separate victims from […]

LastPass mitigates phishing flaw in its password management software

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Even as many online services and enterprises have come to embrace stronger authentication, the password still remains the primary key to most online kingdoms. With that in mind, it’s unfortunate that an all-too easy phishing attack made it possible to crack  the widely used password manager LastPass. Prior to publicly disclosing the flaw, Sean Cassidy, the […]

Phishing attacks increasingly target enterprise financial departments

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Phishing attacks are among the most popular types of attacks used by attackers and online criminals. They are used to trick consumers into forking over their sign-on credentials to financial and credit card sites, fooling email recipients with scams and having users click on  on attachments that launch nothing more than malware used to exploit the victim’s […]