Digital product lifecycle management (PLM) can take aerospace industry to new heights

Aerospace and defense companies, under intense pressure to contain costs and deliver products to market faster, are finding that legacy product lifecycle management (PLM) systems just don’t fly anymore. Companies must migrate to digital-driven PLM, which can provide significant benefits at each stage of the process of designing, prototyping, manufacturing, maintaining, and troubleshooting aircraft. Digital […]

Oil and gas companies are re-imagining their businesses with digital twin


Digital twin technology is transforming the oil and gas industry, enabling engineers to create virtual representations of physical assets like rigs, plants and pipelines in order to track assets, improve maintenance and avoid down time. Take this scenario. A maintenance worker observes a small rust spot on a pipe and swings by periodically to check […]

Digital product lifecycle management (PLM) drives innovation in the auto industry


In the automotive industry, the challenges of designing, building, selling and updating a product has become more about software than steel, and all roads lead to digital-driven product lifecycle management (PLM). Perhaps no industry is undergoing more transformation than the automotive industry, with customers demanding personalization, connectivity, self-driving features and entertainment centers. In response, carmakers […]

5 Points Every Multinational Firm Should Know About Implementing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

By Slavko Jovanovic | LinkedIn Profile | Implementing a MOM application takes cooperation across business units and, in many cases, across multiple regions. Here’s are some tips for ensuring your implementation goes as smoothly as possible: Get network and infrastructure requirements right at the start. Nothing kills user enthusiasm for a MOM application like a lack of performance.  It […]

Every Cloud Has a PLM Lining

By John Rice, CSC So you’ve heard the saying, “Every cloud has a PLM lining”… no wait.  It’s “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Meaning: difficult times always lead to better days. Well, the better days are here. Product Lifecycle Management can now be handled in the cloud. That doesn’t mean throw away your traditional […]

PLM Forecast: Cloudy with Good Chance of Virtual Team Support

By Dawana Robinson, CSC | LinkedIn Profile Times have changed. No longer are we managing teams or services in or from one physical location; we are in the cloud. Businesses are always looking for ways to make their management and staff more productive and their company more profitable. Thus, as organizations embrace PLM in cloud, the […]

Cloud-Based PLM: When Speed Really Matters

By Per Jannok, CSC | LinkedIn Profile [twitter-follow screen_name=’PerJannok’] It is well known that high performing applications drive greater business value for your organization. A business application or system that is slow or cumbersome will be side-stepped with ad-hoc workarounds outside of the system. End-users might even refuse to use the application at all. These […]

Supplier Integration in the Cloud − Seriously?

Traditionally, when we start discussing supplier resource management, the impulse is to think of ERP and SRM application and process integration. On the other hand PLM/PDM supplier integration involves integrating design and manufacturing processes and applications that generate mechanical, electrical and software design data. In PLM environments, supplier integration ranges from casual program or project […]