Six ways the patient data explosion is turning healthcare inside-out

A new era of patient-driven healthcare is underway. With unprecedented access to genetic data and the availability of new technology such as implants and wearables, patients are becoming increasingly proactive in their healthcare. The rise of such 21st century digital citizens is driving new and innovative care management and digitization. As digital citizens help usher […]

Four global universals of healthcare technology


Every day we read about another shift in the technicalities and funding of the Affordable Care Act, a controversy at the U.S. Department Health & Human Services or the ability to buy health insurance across state borders. To spin an old Tip O’Neill line, one could argue that, “All healthcare is local.”  Many in Europe, […]

How trust drives social determinant data analytics


Navigating social factors well beyond the healthcare provider’s control have always been key to providing quality care. With the shift to value-based care driven by population health and precision medicine, the ability to factor in social determinants has become more important than ever.  Fortunately, technology has made analyzing that kind of information much easier. Unfortunately, […]

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AppSource are helping to enable personalized healthcare

Technology is enabling digital transformation in the healthcare industry, allowing providers to deliver more personalized care. At Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company, we leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and AppSource as technology and distribution platforms to offer Health360, a consumer-centered population health solution that enables healthcare organizations to provide truly personalized care experiences. Our path […]

Five trendy healthcare tech titles to watch


Is your CIO or CTO title enough to impress in the scorching hot healthcare technology industry ? Probably so, but the dynamic nature of the sector has spawned a totally new set of leadership titles that are more relevant to laser-focused industry subsets. I’m always suspicious of what the half-life is of these new titles […]

What’s trending in healthcare IT based on HIMSS17?

The same week the stars assemble for the Oscars, there’s a similar gathering of luminaries in the healthcare technology (HIT) sector. HIMSS, the largest trade association in the world for HIT professionals, is now the 5th largest trade show in America, with over 45,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors. There’s already a waiting list to exhibit at […]

What’s Holding Large Practices Back from Committing to CCM? Seeing Opportunity vs. Disruption

Despite the potential benefits of improving overall patient care and the incentives offered, the CMS initiative for patients with multiple chronic conditions – chronic care management (CCM) – has so far not won over many large physician practices. By Lisa R. Esch, Chief Population Health Innovation Officer, CSC Healthcare providers are, of course, well aware […]

The importance of population health monitoring and stratification

Population health management CSC Blogs Journey to Digital

The heart of population health management is having a surveillance capability that recognizes patterns in patient data and care management characteristics and exposes impending high-risk clinical events, gaps in care coordination or non-compliance in patient situations. To manage population health effectively, an organization must be able to track and monitor the health of individual patients. […]

Keeping up with the shift to patient-centric care

Imagine a healthcare delivery model where patients lead and are in charge of their own care. How do patients and care providers collaborate to deliver optimum outcomes? Today, more patients are prepared to participate actively in their care and recovery, and they expect a seamless experience, delivered on their terms. The speed and scope of […]

Persuading the Unpersuadables

The other day I met with a new startup company that has as its core purpose the improvement of the health of people with chronic and pre-chronic conditions via a cognitive behavioral platform. This is not the first of this kind of solution I have seen, I’m sure it won’t be the last. By Clive […]