4 paths to better banking systems

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In 2016, we talked a lot about the future of banking and how the industry can prepare for the changes ahead. But the truth is, the future of banking is here. The industry has been thoroughly disrupted, and organizations that are not on top of their game are now playing catch up. A colleague of […]

6 steps to IDSM success

IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing IT services, a topic we’ve delved into in a recent blog post. Organizations need IDSM because today’s multisourced IT solutions have grown too complex and dynamic for yesterday’s traditional approaches to IT service management. Fortunately, getting started with IDSM does not need […]

IDSM: Simplifying today’s complicated IT mission

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IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing how IT services are delivered and managed in the enterprise. Organizations need IDSM now because multi-sourced IT solutions have simply grown too complex and dynamic for more traditional approaches to IT service management (ITSM) alone. Older approaches were designed for a time […]

How software-defined networks assist the security imperative

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The growth of cloud computing and the rise of the mobile workforce means more data is flowing beyond enterprise walls. Not just in highly regulated industries but in every industry today, businesses have concerns about data security and privacy, as well as the ability to defend critical information from the eventuality of an attack. Critical […]

Now that’s digital marketing

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Digital transformation is a reality for every company in every industry today. Having recently undertaken its own digital journey, CSC has embraced an approach that focuses on strategic partnerships and a commitment to technology-independent lT solutions. Those efforts are reflected in the company’s digital-native approach to marketing, as CSC’s head of global brand and digital […]

Paying down IT debt with a modern platform approach

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For a long time now, the standard approach to IT hardware and software procurement has served the enterprise well. Companies have largely prospered from the investments they’ve made in new platforms and new applications. But that’s no longer a sure bet. As they say in the stock market, “Past performance is no guarantee of future […]

Is your platform strategy modern or muddled?

It seems counterintuitive, but the latest designs in IT infrastructure incorporate three ideas that run against the “more is more” tradition of the IT stack. Instead, today’s agile hybrid cloud platform approach is known for being simpler, open and leveraged. Simpler is not to say that infrastructure designs are being dumbed down. As more functions […]

As insurance goes digital, ignore these 3 trends at your peril

In the near future, the insurance marketplace will look nothing like the one you know. Regulations and a conservative business approach have insulated the industry in the past, but now, outside forces are ushering in a period of rapid change. Three key shifts underscore the change and what insurers must know to grasp the breadth […]