Predictive evaluations: Using AI to reward (or punish) employees for future performance


Human resources professionals are (or soon will be) using artificial intelligence (AI) to recruit and interview job candidates, to measure an employee’s value, and to conduct performance assessments. The next step — which some companies are already taking — is to use AI to assess not past, but expected future performance. From Bloomberg‘s Rebecca Greenfield: Using […]

AI and chatbots will revolutionize how we work


If you’ve successfully asked Siri or Google to play a song on YouTube, check the weather or make a phone call, you understand the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing and machine learning to transform our everyday lives through interactions with AI-powered chatbots. Much of the focus of chatbot developers has been on […]

Predictive analytics can help reduce customer churn

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If knowing your customer is the route to success in business, predictive analytics can provide the map. For all the ways that big data and analytics can be used to boost the bottom line, none delivers a better return on investment than analytics used to retain (and further monetize) existing customers. Data from Pacific Crest’s […]

Using predictive analytics to create a map of your workforce

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Data analytics is used by many enterprises to find the right people to hire and then to improve job performance. But analytics also can be used to predict the career paths of employees, as well as which types of jobs would be the best fit for specific types of employees. By using predictive analytics, enterprise […]

The high-paying tech career you definitely want to consider now

(Editor’s note: This blog originally published on Oct. 9, 2015. Over the next weeks, CSC Blogs will be highlighting top content from the past year.) If you’re a data scientist, I have great news. But if you’re looking to hire a data scientist, what you read here will only depress you. A salary survey of predictive analytics professionals “finds that the […]

The dark side of big data (don’t go there)

Big data and analytics have given enterprises tools for transforming their businesses through data-generated insights that can improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and streamline business processes. But as with any tool, big data can be misused. InformationWeek recently published a slide show laying out 14 Creepy Ways To Use Big Data. Let’s take a look […]

Data analytics as a talent retention tool

Enterprises increasingly use big data and analytics to better understand customers and improve business processes. The former can lead to increased revenue and new market opportunities, while the latter typically results in lower costs. Both outcomes are more than welcome in the corner office. A less-welcome outcome — one that can have an indirect but undeniable impact […]