Cloud spend outpacing traditional IT, spurring security investments

According to a newly released report from IDC, the share of cloud IT infrastructure sales in the third quarter of 2016 has climbed to 39.2% of all IT infrastructure spending, up from 34.7% a year ago. According to IDC: Revenue from private cloud infrastructure sales grew 8.2% to $3.3 billion, and public cloud 8.0% to $5.1 […]

Private cloud vs. Azure for Microsoft Dynamics: Five real life questions


This blog was originally published by Concerto Cloud Services. Since then, Concerto Cloud Services has become DXC Concerto, the mid-market cloud offering within DXC Technology. When it comes to a cloud deployment of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ERP solution, most organizations evaluate the two dominant cloud options in the market: Microsoft Azure and private […]

40% of businesses have public cloud buyer’s remorse

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Businesses are moving to the cloud. That’s not news. What is interesting, according to a new IDG survey, is “nearly 40% of organizations with public cloud experience report having moved public cloud workloads back to on premises, mostly due to security and cost concerns.” The survey, “Data Centers in Flux: The IT Optimization Challenge,’ commissioned […]

What’s driving business to Oracle cloud?

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Moving to the cloud is no longer an option but a necessity. Traditional ERP simply does not offer and cannot leverage digital technologies at a rapid enough pace to accommodate innovation in the marketplace. In a recent APQC survey, 76% of business leaders said their current ERP system is unacceptable due to a lack of […]

The 4 critical pillars of secure cloud adoption

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Cloud Computing is now mainstream – but are you ready? You can’t ignore the relentless march to everything in the cloud with cloud adoption truly moving into mainstream these days. Organisations in almost every country and industry now acknowledge the value that the cloud has to offer and are embracing the use of cloud services. […]

RightScale sees the cloud going hybrid

RightScale is a cloud infrastructure management company, so when they have something to say about the current state of the cloud, I listen. After all, if they get it wrong, they don’t just get egg on their face; they see red ink on their bottom line. Here’s what they see coming up in their latest […]

OpenStack: Good cloud, but hard to master

I don’t just write about OpenStack; I use this open-source infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud myself. It’s great. It’s powerful and flexible. But never for one second have I thought it was easy to use. That’s why when SUSE, a Linux distributor that specializes in OpenStack, found that administrators and executives were concerned about “installation challenges, possible vendor […]

The private cloud is not the same thing as a data center

Yes, there is such a thing as a private cloud. No, it’s not the same thing as having lots of virtual machines on your data center’s servers. It’s the beginning of a new year, and I’ve already had someone ask me why they should bother with a private cloud when they already had lots and lots […]