Leveraging blockchain features for access restriction in our 3D printing proof-of-concept

When we last talked about our 3D printing procurement system proof-of-concept, we promised to report back on how we are using blockchain features for access restriction. Prior to implementing blockchain features, we handled access restriction to the 3D model files (STL/G-code) using folder access and Enterprise GitHub. This worked fine if the 3D printing was […]

How 3D printing can speed procurement: A closer look at our proof-of-concept

Following my previous post about speeding procurement with 3D printing, I am sharing details about our proof-of-concept to do just that. We have designed an easy-to-use 3D printing plug-in for enterprise procurement (i.e., ERP) systems that is loaded with features. Our proof-of-concept has four parts: digital warehouse — stores all the digital design models (files), with […]

How 3D printing can speed procurement

We live in an ever-faster world of shrinking time-to-market, same-day deliveries and instant gratification. It’s time our manufacturing systems caught up. Today’s ERP systems support traditional manufacturing and procurement workflows, which take days if not weeks to get products to you. What if a worker could order a product and 3D-print it on the spot? […]

Are your attempts to address disruption being disrupted by procurement?

It’s happening across industries and across the globe: Entrenched leaders are being unseated, or at a minimum strongly challenged, by emerging brands born as a digital concept and deployed in the ether of low-cost, utility computing. The challenged, seeking to fight fire with fire, are formulating digital strategies of their own designed to leverage their […]

Better vendor management through program management

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The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) defines vendor management (also known as supplier relationship management)  as the process that “involves reviewing the portfolio of suppliers, categorising supply relationships by their significance, devoting resources in proportion to the relationship’s significance and managing processes between the parties to realise the relationship objectives.” Traditionally procurement is […]

Rebranding procurement for smart and agile innovation

There used to be no greater oxymoron than procurement innovation. The procurement department was stereotyped as being about as glamorous as a term life policy. But now, in many segments, a new art and science of researching, evaluating and purchasing technology goods and services has stepped up procurement in the cool-job meter. I worked with procurement managers in […]

Is procurement a technology innovation buzz-killer?

I recently attended a startup conference that focused on citizen engagement technology designed for cities. I’ve been to hundreds of technology startup conferences over the years but this was the first that had a full-day track on the complexities of getting early-stage technologies past the procurement police. Granted, most startups don’t have to deal with […]